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In this package a studio, stage or location is chosen to shoot a performance of the band's song. There will be no narrative or story that the video cuts to. The video will be comprised of numerous shots of the band playing their song as if on stage in a live performance or studio session. Special effects and lighting themes will be a part of the package depending on what you, the client, wants. Anything over one re-edit is extra per draft. 



In this package there will be no performance shots of the band playing the song. The song will act as the score to a narrative film that brings meaning to the song or draws meaning from the song itself. This story or narrative can take place and be shot on location with a skeleton crew or in a studio setting where a set will be constructed to create a fictional location. Anything over one re-edit is extra per draft.



This is the most popular package. In this package we feature a band's performance of the song plus a narrative storyline to cut to intermittently throughout the video. Anything over one re-edit is extra per draft.



In this package a two camera crew will capture a live show at a venue or recording studio of the band's choosing. The band will provide audio of either a studio recording or live recording of the song. The video will be edited to match the recording.Lights and special effects will not be provided as part of this package.  Anything over one re-edit is extra per draft.

NYC Skyline BW


*Scale of production is based on budget of the video.

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